Terms & Conditions

By signing up on the Liviont platform, training provider agrees to abides on following terms as mentioned below. As a TP, you are contracting directly with Parshi Emerging Technologies Pvt. Ltd. (A company incorporated under section 1956 corporate act, India), regardless of other Subsidiaries facilitates payments to you.



As a Training Provider, you are solely responsible for all content uploaded on the Liviont, including Course content, Videos, test, eBooks and the content on the landing page. It includes pictures, videos and any material posted on the landing pages and delivered to students.


License Right to Liviont

Training Provider grants Liviont the rights to Market, promote, Demonstrate and sell the course unrestricted.  Unless otherwise agreed, TP has the right to remove the content in parts or all or delete account in any circumstances.

With this agreement, you grant the right to use your name, course and logo images for the marketing and promotion.


Trust & Quality

TP agrees to abide the Liviont’s quality and trust policy to provide the quality and standardised education in correspondence to terms of license. Liviont has complete right to accept/deny any course content in full or a part thereof without any vindication, in non-compliance of the training standard with our policies or legal terms.


Co-Training provider and teaching assistance

Liviont provides add-on user accounts for the instructors to login through a dedicated account. Liviont is not concerned with any of the associate, co-training provider or instructor directly, only TPs shall be completely responsible for their working.


Relationship with the user

Training provider does not have direct contractual agreement with the student. All the visitors, inquiry or Signup data, we receive is the sole property to the Liviont and Training partner cannot claim for any other information except Liviont decides to provide to training partners. You agree that you will use the data receive solely for providing the Training services to the students on Liviont platform.



TP has the complete right to decide the pricing for the courses and also they can offer them in the discounted price. Minimum price for the self-based video training is INR 499/- while for the Instructor led Live training is INR 999/-. You will get an opportunity to participate in the promotional programs(optional) for which you will be notified via mail or message regularly.



If a student purchases a course in a country/state/province, where Liviont is liable to remit the Local tax, Sales tax, VAT or similar transaction taxes, under applicable law, Liviont will collect and remit the taxes to competent authorities for those sales. The sale price may be increase based on the applicable tax law and training provider authorised us to do so without prior consent with you.

For the purchase through the mobile application platform viz. Google Play or Apple’s App Store, the transactional charges & taxes, shall be levied from the course fees. TPs shall be liable to pay taxes, as applicable on the revenue received from the students.



A. Revenue Share

On purchase of every course, the actual amount received by the Liviont is the gross amount in INR. From this, we will deduct transaction tax (if any), payment gateway charges and mobile platform fees or any third party pay out for promotion to calculate net amount.

Except for the promotional schemes with the specific revenue sharing options, the revenue sharing from the net amount (after all deductions) will be as follows:

Self-paced video training      :   Liviont 20%: Training Provider 80%

Instructor Led live training   :   Liviont 15%: Training Provider 85%

If we change the revenue sharing ratio any point of time, we will serve you a 30 Days’ notice in advance via email or notification in TP dashboard.


B. Receiving Payments

Indian Training Providers must own a bank account in any Indian nationalized/Private bank (Excluding cooperative and regional bank), furnishing correct details of name, account no., bank name, branch and IFSC code as mentioned in the TP dashboard.

Foreign training providers must own a PayPal account for timely and hassle-free processing of the payment.

For the Training provider registered under Local tax regime, such as GST or VAT, need to provide the registration certificate for the same.

Depending upon the share model, payment shall be remitted in the stipulated time as below:

For Self-paced video training              : Within 45 days at the end of every month.

For Instructure Led live training         : On satisfactory completion of the course or 45 days, whichever is later.



You acknowledge and agree that students have the right to receive the refund in case of unstandardized services. Liviont reserves the right to deduct any expenses incurred in refund process, from the next payment of you.


Dispute Resolution

In case of any dispute in live training, Liviont will not participate by any mean in its resolution for the clear cases of non-commitment practice by TP. However, for the justified cases, Liviont may appoint a third party for dispute resolution and its decision shall be final without any progression.



Liviont is the registered trademark of Parshi Emerging Technologies Pvt. Ltd. and training provider is authorized to use the images of trademark provided by us. You must not use our trademark in misleading, unlawful or obscene way.


Termination & Suspension

This is agreed by you that Liviont is a platform where we are committed to deliver the best quality of students. The Training partner account can be suspended or terminated, withholding all the amount, in case of delivering substandard or inappropriate content, irregularity for classes, inappropriate behaviours, use of live streaming for other purpose, inactive account for 3 months or more.