Web Development using PHP

    Widely-used, open source scripting language for Website Development..


    Course Overview

    PHP stands for Hypertext Pre-Processor. It is most popular server-side programming language to develop the dynamic websites .In this online course we covered the complete part of front-end and complete core PHP with MYSQL.

    Training Key Features

    • Instructor Led Live Training.
    • Get insight about Web Development .
    • Day to Day Assignments
    • Projects and Career Opportunities


    Basic Knowledge of C Programming..

    Training Level : Intermediate
    Includes :
    • Certificate
    • Projects
    • Lecture Recordings
    • E-notes

    Instructor-led Live Training

    Dec, 24
    45 Hours (Mon,Tue,Wed,Thu,Fri,Sat) Timings - 3:00 to 4:00

    Course Price at

    4999 5999

    Course Content

    Instructor Introduction
    Introduction to PHP
    Define the types of websites and differences
    Getting started with HTML
    Enhancing Web Pages
    Working with Tables and Frames
    Adding Interactivity to Web Pages
    Introduction to CSS
    Types of CSS
    Classes and ID's
    CSS Properties
    Introduction to Javascript
    Javascript Objects
    Creating Dynamic Web Pages
    Javascript Events and Validations
    Jquery Effects and Selectors
    Jquery Plugins and Event Handlers
    Introduction to DBMS and RDBMS
    Creating Databases and Tables
    String Functions , Aggregate Functions , Data Functions
    Working with Constraints like Primary Key , Foreign Key
    Default , Unique and Check
    Working with Joins
    Introduction to PHP
    Introducing Web Architecture
    Working with Operators and Functions
    Working with Looping
    Working with Arrays
    Working with Cookies
    Working with Sessions
    Working with QueryString
    Creating Register and Login Page
    Retrieving data at client side in tabular format
    Authentication and Authorization with database and files
    Classes & Objects
    Abstraction & Encapsulation
    Polymorphism & Inheritance
    Dynamic Website with Admin Panel

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