Basic Python Language

    Python is a popular language and has picked up very good pace in recent days and is going to dominate for longer time..

    Created by Shankargouda

    Course Overview

    Python can be used for web development and is popularly used in Data science. This Basic course will help beginner to get insight about basic python concepts and later they can take up advanced level.

    Training Key Features

    • Instructor Led Live Training.
    • Get insight about python programming language.
    • Assignment on Python
    • Career guidance on future course of action for freshers


    Basic computer knowledge..

    Training Level : Beginner
    Includes :
    • Certificate
    • Projects
    • Online Test
    • Lecture Recordings
    • E-notes

    Instructor-led Live Training

    Nov, 29
    15 Hours (Monday,Tuesday,Wednesday) Timings - 16:00 to 18:00

    Course Price at

    1999 2999

    Course Content

    Trainer Introduction
    Introduction of Anaconda, Jupyter
    Python Installation
    Simple Expressions, Variables in Python
    Branching (if else elif)
    List, Tuple, Dictionary and sets
    Loops and Range Function
    Break and Continue
    Input from Keyword
    String Basics and indexing
    Functions, map, reduce and filter
    Iterators and generators
    Object Oriented Programming
    Inheritance and Encapsulation
    Files IO, Modules and Packages
    Working with database, SQL etc

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    Course Reviews

    Any person with basic computer knowledge can enroll to this program.
    Prior programming knowledge is not necessary and in this course, we don't build programming application.. Every topic will be trained with example.
    Many start ups looks for freshers. If you dedicate yourself and build good projects after completing advanced level, no one can stop hiring you. You will get detailed information about future course of action on the career path.
    No, this is a basic course. But will be covered all important topics and later you can decide your career path which uses this language such as Data Science.

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