Basic of Computer

    To empower citizens with a fundamental understanding of IT at an affordable cost, acquiring essential skills...

    Created by Aarti Singh

    Course Overview

    This course is designed to empower learners with a fundamental understanding of Information Technology (I.T.) at an affordable cost, acquiring essential skills to begin computing with confidence, be more productive at home and work, and able to explore career opportunities globally. This course covered the basics of the computers as Windows operating, internet browsing, emailing, MS word, MS Excel, and MS Powerpoints, and much more.

    Training Key Features

    • Instructor Led Live Training
    • Live Doubt Clearing Session
    • Projects and Assignments


    Theoretical knowledge of computer ..

    Training Level : Beginner
    Includes :
    • Certificate
    • Projects
    • Online Test
    • Lecture Recordings

    Instructor-led Live Training

    Dec, 25
    30 Hours (Sat,Sun) Timings - 19:00 to 20:30

    Course Price at

    2500 3000

    Course Content

    Getting started with computers
    Basic Hardware Components
    Windows Basic Skills
    Using Applications & Features
    Overview of Word Processing
    Creating & Editing a Document
    Revising and Refining a Document
    Creating Reports and Tables
    Changing the Display of Documents
    Using Mail Megre
    Creating and Editing a Work Book
    Using Charts
    Managing a Workbook
    Sort and Filtering Data
    Formatting Excel Work Book:
    Navigating the web
    Finding information of the web
    Communication using E-mail
    Overviews of Presentation Graphics
    Creating a Presentation
    Modifying and Refining Presentation
    Using Presentation Features

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    Course Reviews

    Microsoft Word is a word processing program that allows for the creation of both simple and complex documents. With Office 365, you are able to download the application to your hard drive and will also have access to the online version.
    Microsoft Word lets you create the simple word processing documents like the letters and the reports, You can add color, You can use clip art, You can write in a variety of fonts and sizes, You can use the tables, the borders & the bullet formatting, You can format the text & the general page layout
    Among the computer programs which exist, Microsoft Excel is one of the most important because of the key role it plays in many sectors. It is the most used spreadsheet program in many business activities, classwork and even personal data organisation.

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