About Us

Liviont.org is the global online learning marketplace. Liviont provides an interactive platform to both training providers and learners, where learners can join in and learn from the various courses available in multiple categories like- IT & Software, Development, Health, Business, Marketing and many more.

Through Liviont, training providers/educators/instructors can upload their courses very easily on our website, by first registering themselves and then uploading the required contents with the course. There is no need to invest in marketing or creation of separate website.

. Liviont facilitates the TPs to deliver trainings in three different ways – live streaming, self-paced videos and blended training. Sharing of online tests, project, e-books, exercise and recorded videos can be done with ease through Liviont. Students/Learners also gets an option to compare the courses from the website and then they can register for the one which go well with their requirement.


As the online learning system is growing in the fastest phase, self-paced video training is now taking a back seat and learners are getting more inclined towards the live training options. Liviont provides a complete platform to the educator/trainers/training companies, where they can publish, promote and sell their courses. Liviont comes up with high website traffic, hassle free built-in features for live streaming, tests/quiz, dashboard and many more.